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The Media Filter is a component of ED Filtron as well as the ED Multipure System and is used in conjunction with the 2000. The Media Filter, sand or granular filtration, is one of the most under-utilized non-chemical water treatment technology in the industrial marketplace today. ED Technologies strongly recommends the use of Media Filters in process cooling applications and HVAC cooling water systems to all Facilities Managers and HVAC Managers across the board.


Because the fill and sump of a cooling tower is open to the atmosphere, the tower continuously scrubs particles from the air and delivers them to the sump. Water in the cooling loop therefore always contains particles and other airborne contaminants that get washed through the system. The Media Filter removes suspended solids down to 5-micron or less, extending life and improving the operating efficiencies of costly process-cooling equipment such as cooling towers, chiller condensers and heat exchangers. By removing suspended contaminants, the Media Filter also removes the food source for bacteria growth.


The Media Filter comes mounted on a 304 stainless steel pre-formed re-enforced base plate as shown above, fully equipped with a close-coupled bronze fitted pump with pre-strainer, 3-way mechanically linked bronze control valves for automatic backwash, electric actuator rated for 600 in-lbs of torque, and a NEMA-4X non-metallic enclosure with 24 hour backwash clock. Media Filters are self-cleaning by means of an automatic backwash system that can be set on a timer, using city or system water.



The ED Filtron skid should be placed near the cooling tower on a sidestream loop. The ED 2000 Clamshell Coils are installed simply by snapping them around each chiller supply line (see ED 2000: Installation Overview) The Media Filter draws cooling tower away from the sump, processes it through the sand media removing particles down to 5-micron, then returns it to the sump basin through Sweeper Jets which are installed along the length of the sump basin.




The Sweeper Jets force the returning water flow into a high velocity stream that agitates the sump basin and stirs up particles and sedimentation, which are drawn back into the Media Filter through the sidestream loop. This enhances the efficacy of water treatment by ED Filtron.


ED 2000 produces the Media Filter and other filtration products through its affiliates. By using a direct sales approach, standardizing components and lowering prices, our goal is to make ED Filtron economical for all cooling water systems.

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