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As a market leader in HVAC, cooling and process water treatment technologies, ED 2000, a division of Electric H2O, LLC, is a company driven by the strength of our people.  Our research and development group is responsible for improving and developing next-generation technologies. ED 2000’s laboratories have developed rigorous methods for testing and validating its products for use in process and cooling systems. Our staff of researchers, water treatment professionals and engineers follow the product from the lab to the beta site, then finally to extensive field studies and commercialization.


Our manufacturing team focuses on the design and engineering aspects of our product for the purpose of ensuring the highest quality.  New product development requires a strong design team and a flexible manufacturing process.  Quality is ensured through the ISO 9000 approved manufacturing process.


Sales and successful product deployment in the marketplace are achieved through strategic partners that have a good reputation in their respective markets.  Our strategic partners provide value to us and to the end-user because their know-how dovetails with our performance warranties to provide innovative solutions to age-old problems. 


The result is a careful and systematic process, from development to deployment, by a highly competent and professional team, sharply lowering risk and increasing return for our customers.




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