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  Our Mission  


ED 2000’s mission is to answer the challenges of regulatory and competitive pressures in the marketplace with a series of environmentally oriented technologies that are innovative, effective and best-in-class.  In today’s operating HVAC environment, innovative solutions are necessary to solve cooling water treatment problems.  ED 2000's suite of water treatment technologies represent a compilation of the most advanced components on the market today.


Cooling water and process water treatment can be improved by utilizing proven components.  Each of our technologies has been developed in the laboratory, independently validated and thoroughly field-tested.  Our research and development activities are second to none. This allows ED 2000 to offer the best available technology and have in the pipeline of next-generation innovations to remain the market leader.  Solutions not equipment sales are our focus.  Our manufacturing and engineering processes allow us to provide high-quality products with the flexibility of meeting the needs of a fast-evolving marketplace. 


Our objective is to be the market leader in environmentally oriented water treatment technologies both today and in the future.




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Did you know?

Used in combination with the Media Filter, ED 2000 not only mitigates scale deposition on heat exchanger surfaces but also reduces the hardness of the water by removing calcium from the bulk water.



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