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Installation Overview


ED 2000:  Electronic Anti-Fouling System




The best place to install the ED 2000 Clamshell Coils within 50 feet of pipe length prior to the condenser that is to be treated. This distance can include valves, elbows and turns but cannot include a pump. An ED 2000 Clamshell Coil should be installed on the supply line of every chiller, as close to the chillers as physically possible. Additional ED 2000 Clamshell Coils can be installed on the condenser water return header for better performance. The ED 2000 Controllers is wall-mounted nearby.






The Clamshell enclosure, with the pre-wrapped solenoid coil already fitted inside, is mounted to the outside of the existing piping. Mounting the units is non-intrusive and non-invasive to the existing piping, requiring no cutting. The Clamshell is opened and fitted around the pipe and simply bolted together.




A standard AC power circuit is required to supply electricity to each ED 2000 Controller. Controllers are preferably wired directly without the use of outlets and wiring is run in conduit as required by local electrical codes. Cabling is run from the control box to each of the clamshell solenoid coils using the cabling supplied. 




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