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  Why ED 2000?


ED 2000:  Electronic Anti-Fouling System



bullet Prevents scale buildup on heat transfer surfaces
bullet Reduces chiller and heat exchanger maintenance expenses
bullet Reduces chiller and heat exchanger operation expenses by conserving energy and water
bullet Reduces annual acid-cleaning or brush-punching expenses
bullet Extends chiller lifetime
bullet Designed to be service and maintenance free
bullet Plugs into a standard 110 vac outlet
bullet Uses only $10.00 to $14.00 of electricity per year 
bullet Safe with no electrical exposure to the pipe
bullet Compatible with all types of pipe/tubing
bullet Installs easily, without cutting the pipe, no plumbing work required
bullet Requires no plumbing work, and is easily installed
bullet Occupies little space
bullet Cost effective
bullet Uses no salts or chemicals

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