YORK Benefits of using ED 2000 Anti-Fouling System


         Maintain designed performance levels of service accounts


         Solve customer problem


         Market differentiation





         Customers who may require chemical cleaning or abrasive brush cleaning of condenser tubes


         The ED 2000 will eliminate this process


         Customers who experience an increase in chiller approach temperature over the course of the cooling season


         The ED 2000 will stabilize the water treatment program and insure the chiller is operating at the designed fouling factor.

         Fluctuations in water quality do not affect the performance of the ED 2000 system.


         Customers where energy savings is a focus


         Users with multiple chiller plants are concerned about energy usage and many times can monitor chiller performance through energy management programs. These users may better quantify the energy savings benefits of the ED 2000 system.


         Customer who administer water treatment program without a chemical treatment vendor.


         Users who administer the water treatment program may benefit by decreasing the scale inhibitors and the benefits of increased cycles of concentration. The ED 2000 system does not replace the water treatment program, only enhances it.