Special Pricing for summer, 2001

Pricing valid from June 1, 2001 thru September 1, 2001 


The York pricing for the ED 2000 is as follows:


                                        YORK  Cost


Mechanical Room with:


One Chiller                    $2,803

Two Chillers                  $3,257

Three Chillers               $5464

Four Chillers                 $6,060


FOB, Exton, Pennsylvania

Prices valid for chillers with condenser supply lines of up to 12" Nominal Diameter

Please contact Chuck Evans for larger systems.


Multiple coils can be installed using one control unit with a maximum distance of 50 feet from the coil to the control unit. (Three coils per control unit are suggested maximum).  A coil should be installed prior to each heat transfer site (heat exchanger, condenser, cooling tower etc) and on the discharge side of the pump.  This will determine how many coils are required.


If the ED 2000 is used in conjunction with a scale inhibiting chemical treatment one coil is installed on the condenser supply line as the objective is to protect the chiller only and the ED 2000 is being used as an enhancement to the water treatment program.  If ED 2000 replaces the scale inhibitors then one coil is installed on the condenser supply, one coil on the tower supply (or condenser return) and one coil on the make-up line to the tower.  The objective in this case is to protect both the tower and the chiller(s).