Major breakthrough #1 : Constant-Current-Source

  • (U.S. Patent 5,725,778)

    Problem: When an electronic descaling unit was installed in a large pipe (i.e., > 3 in diameter), the output power significantly dropped.

    Solution: Constant-Current-Source

Major breakthrough #2 : Off-set coil

  • (U.S. Patent 5,846,414)

    Problem: The electrical field generated by the solenoid coil has an "elongated donut shape" with the "donut hole" in the middle of the coil.  The electrical field causes induction inside of the coil, and the induction is zero at the "donut hole".  On the other hand, the fluid flow velocity in the pipe is greatest in the center of the pipe.  Therefore, if the coil is wrapped directly around the conduit, the greatest fluid flow occurs where both the induction is zero and the flow velocity is maximum.

Solution: Off-set coil -- The ED2000 has enlarged the coil and offset it to assure that all of the fluid is flowing through the most intense part of the field where the induction is strong.

With the off-set solenoid coil the induction at the center of the pipe is greater than zero and all of the fastest moving water receives treatment.

Major breakthrough #3 : Pre-wrapped coil

  • (U.S. Patent 5,776,334)

    Problem: Manual wrapping at site is unsafe and impractical.

    Solution: Pre-wrapped coil

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