ED2000, Inc.

The ED2000 technology is unique, based on the patented improvements we have installed into our devices. The improvements have come about from 6 years of continuous research into scaling, analyses of other technologies, and field experiences. This section highlights some of the features and benefits of the ED2000 technology.

Non-Chemical and Non-Magnetic

The ED2000 technology is electronic and, as such, does not use magnets in any way in the treatment. Because of the electronic process, the problems associated with magnets have been eliminated, including the build-up of magnetites. There are no chemicals of any kind involved with our deposit control process.

Extremely Well-Tested Technology

Our technology was developed by scientists and engineers at Drexel University in Philadelphia. Prior to the devices going to the field, extensive laboratory testing took place. As we developed relationships with our associated companies, each of them undertook comprehensive test activities, both in the field and in their own test facilities. In addition, we have an impressive collection of actual application validation of our technology.

Technology Operates Independent of Water Attributes

Water attributes change frequently because of many reasons outside the control of the user. Chemical formulation often can not be altered to respond to the variations in water attributes. Because our technology does not change based on the water make-up, we can protect against the variations between chemical analyses.

Proven Energy Savings

In water heating or heat exchange applications, a very small amount of scale can greatly increase energy consumption even with effective water treatment programs. Our technology does significantly reduce the energy loss caused by mineral scaling, by as much as 30%. 

Easy to Install

Our reaction chambers for small diameter copper of plastic water tubing may be inserted in-line easily with off-the-shelf plastic fittings.  For larger diameter pipes, pre-wrapped coils fit over existing piping , and do not require cutting your pipe, or opening your system in any way.  The entire package comes ready to install, installation takes less than 30 minutes. The devices operate on 110 or 220 volts, and merely have to be plugged in.

90-Day Performance Guarantee

The ED2000 is warranted to perform as indicated in the Owner's Manual.  If the system does not perform as indicated, the unit may be returned with 90 days after the invoice date for a refund.

3 Year Warranty

The devices are extremely reliable with no moving parts. As a result, we are able to offer a 3 year warranty with every unit.

Our Commitment to Research and Development

Our R & D efforts to date have resulted in our filing 14 patents, 6 of which have been granted, the other 8 are all still pending. This commitment to R & D assures that we will maintain our leadership position, and that you will have available the latest technology.

 ED2000 Features and Benefits