Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Comfort Cooling System

Drexel University is one of the leading engineering schools in the United States. The cooling system has seventeen chillers ranging from 118 tons to 600 tons. It was estimated that this cooling system was costing the University over $300,000 in energy costs per year. Drexel's new President charged everyone within the University to make the facility more efficient.

Bill Taylor, Energy Management Officer and Professor Young I. Cho together proved that the cooling system would run more efficiently with the ED 2000 Anti-Fouling System. The result was a substantial savings to the University.

Three sites were selected for this demonstration. One cooling system was monitored without ED 2000 and two cooling systems were monitored with ED 2000. The water management programs remained the same, probes were calibrated to insure the date was consistent and the building automation system was utilized to compile the needed data.

The temperature difference of the chilled water was graphed over the course of the cooling season based on system load, outside air temperature and condenser supply temperature. The objective was to measure the kW/ton based on identical conditions over the course of the cooling season. This would help quantify the savings provided by using the ED 2000 System.

The results demonstrated the chillers operating efficiencies improved and energy costs were reduced. A summary of one site is as follows:

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