Electronic Descaling System

for reducing scale in chillers, evaporators,
condensers, firetube boilers and heat exchangers

  • Reduces Scale Buildup
  • Boosts Heat Transfer Performance
  • Cuts Energy Costs
In a 400 ton chiller, operating 500 hr/yr at 50% average load with power cost $0.060 kWhr, scale deposits affect performance as follows:
Scale Deposit Factor % of Efficiency Money Wasted % of Electrical Power Required Above Clean Tube Condition
0.0005 100% $0 0%
0.0015 94% $3,920 11%
0.0025 80% $7,840 22%
0.0036 58% $11,760 33%
0.0045 36% $16,520 44%

Scale Deposit Factor Heat Loss Increased Fuel Consumption
1/32" (0.8mm) 8% 2.0%
1/16" (1.6mm) 12% 2.5%
1/8" (3.2mm) 20% 4.0%

Problems with Scale
As water is heated in heat exchangers, minerals in the water are deposited as "scale" on heat transfer surfaces. This occurrence is known as "uncontrolled precipitation". These scale deposits lead to problems that include increased downtime for cleaning and premature wear and replacement of heat transfer equipment. The most obvious and readily measurable expense is the cost of energy required to maintain heat transfer effectiveness as scale builds up.

Solutions with ED-2000
The Goodway ED-2000 Electronic Descaling System, through a patented technology, changes an "uncontrolled precipitation" into a "controlled precipitation" of ions. This process allows the mineral ions that deposit as a natural occurrence on heat exchangers to clump together into large, insoluble mineral crystals. These crystals flow freely through the heat transfer equipment, preventing costly scale deposits. The ED-2000 system improves equipment performance, delays or avoids shutdowns and substantially saves water and energy.xxx

Easy to Install
The ED-2000 system is non-invasive. Simply attach the enclosure containing the prewrapped coil to the heat exchanger's water inlet pipe, connect the enclosed coil to the control box and the control box to a power source. One control box can operate several coils. The system can operate on either 115 V or 230 V. Installation takes less than 20 minutes for most applications.

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