Electric H20 Filtration

Closed Loop Filter

The Electric H2O Closed Loop Filtration System (CL Filter) is a high-pressure media filter, constructed from epoxy-lined carbon steel and designed to remove suspended solids down to 10, 5 and 0.5 microns from closed loop heating and cooling systems. The system is internally designed to maximize filtration flow and minimize backwash time and volume. As the filtered particulates accumulate on the media bed, the pressure differential across the bed increases. When a pre-determined set point is reached, the self-cleaning automatic city-water backwash cycle is initiated, after which filtration is resumed. The NEMA 4x control panel also incorporates a manual and timed override automatic backwash. Duel electric actuators and four two-way bronze ball valves prevent any closed loop system water loss during backwash. For ease of installation and operation, all CL Filter components are factory-installed on a rugged and corrosion-resistant unitized skid and frame.

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