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How to make a new web using this web template
  1. Go to File/New/Web (2000) or File/New/Page or Web (2002).
  2. In 2002, you will need to click "Web Template" in the right side taskbar.
  3. Choose the Blue Stream web template, and specify the location you want to publish to.
  4. Click "OK" and wait for FrontPage to create your new web.
Adding New Pages to Your Web

Open a page that has the layout the way you want it, then go to File/Save As. Save the page under a new name - be sure to change the page title as well! Then, go to Navigation View and drag your new page into the navigation structure.

Deleting Pages from Your Web

Right-click on the pages you wish to delete in your Folder List, in Folder View, or in Navigation View, then select "Delete."

Renaming Pages/Navigation Buttons

If you would like to use an existing page but want to rename it, you may easily do this in Folders or Navigation View. Right-click on the file name and/or the page title and choose "Rename" to rename your file.

Adding Buttons to Link Bars

You can easily do this in Navigation View. The Link Bars are built based on your Navigation Structure. Drag new pages from your Folder List into the Navigation View, into the area of the link bar you want to change. You may move pages around on the Navigation View to get the buttons you want into your different link bars.

Cascading Style Sheets

This theme must be applied using Cascading Style Sheets in order for the table background colors to display properly.

Style sheets are a nice way to globally change properties of paragraphs and text -- instead of having to go to each page and change your text from 8pt to 10pt, you can just change the style sheet.

If you would like to define a new "style" (a certain way to display text -- what font, size, color, etc.), you may modify the theme or create new style information.

To modify the style sheet associated, with the theme: Go to Format/Theme, click the Modify button, click the Text button, click on More Text Styles, and create a new style. Once you are back in Normal View, you may access these styles from the Style dropdown menu. Styles are usually applied to entire paragraphs.

To modify or create a new style sheet, go to Format/Style.


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