Electric H20 Filtration

Why are some of the cells white in Normal View?

If you go to File > Preview in Browser, you'll see that your page looks fine.

Some of the cells use background images (for example, the blue stripe across the top is a background image). Netscape 4 does funny things with background images, and in order to fix it, the template was created with additional "blank" background images. Unfortunately this causes the cells to seem white in Page View.

Can I change the pictures in the animated squares?

No. You may request custom work or purchase the Flash 5 files. We also have additional movie components on the John Galt's Tools web site (www.johngaltstools.com/components/bluestream.htm) which you may use to replace the images. Check out our Business Suite, Technology Suite, Patriotic Suite and more.

If you do not want the Flash there, you may:

  • Delete the pictures altogether
  • Replace the pictures with the included static images (in the images folder)


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